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Exploring Hong Kong’s Cat Street: A Glimpse into Antique Treasures

Just like in Insadong, Seoul, the capital of South Korea, where you can find various stores selling old antiques, you can find a similar street in Hong Kong. It’s called Cat Street and it’s located in the Sheung Wan area of Hong Kong.

“Find Cat Street near Man Mo Temple in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong”

Cat Street is an alley that you can find near Man Mo Temple in Hong Kong. Man Mo Temple is a temple where the gods of literature and martial arts are enshrined, a place where we already know the gods being worshiped. Guan Yu, who appears in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, is the god of martial arts, and Confucius, known as the founder of Confucianism, is the god of literature.

Cat Street can be found by following the downhill path from Man Mo Temple. It’s a place that has earned the nickname Cat Street, but it has nothing to do with cats. Instead, it’s a street where shops selling antiques are gathered.

“Antique Street, Upper Lascar Row”

The official name of the Antique Street is Upper Lascar Row. Translated literally, it would be something like the northern part of Lascar Row.

Here, you’ll see a landscape similar to Insadong in South Korea. You can find shops selling antiques that give off a sense of long history in every corner of the alley, as well as shops selling jade, silk, embroidery, and wooden crafts.

In essence, it’s a street where shops selling antiques with an old-fashioned feel are gathered. If you’re looking for items with an antique feel, it’s a street worth visiting.

“Sheung Wan, Cat Street, Antique Street”

  • Address: 21-43 Upper Lascar Row, Tai Ping Shan, Hong Kong