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Enter Six Food Court: Dining Hub at Seoul’s Wangsimni Station

Enter Six is a domestically-based medium-sized fashion mall. Established on December 31, 1994, it currently operates around 8 branches nationwide. The brand name originates from the concept of incorporating an imaginary sixth sense, which complements the basic human senses of sight, touch, taste, hearing, and smell.

You can find “Enter Six” at Wangsimni Station in Seoul, which is designed with a concept of a European-style upscale shopping district. Here, you can discover various shops all in one place. Due to its considerable size as a large shopping mall, you can also find major supermarkets like E-Mart and Electro Mart nearby, as well as large bookstores like Yongpoong Bookstore.

“Wangsimni Enter Six: Food Court”

At Enter Six, you’ll also find a food court located on the 4th floor, offering a diverse selection of restaurants.

On the same floor, there’s the Food Avenue, where you’ll find a relatively affordable atmosphere compared to the food court. Food Avenue provides a slightly pricier but more upscale dining experience. Since I visited alone, I opted for a simple meal at the food court for convenience.

“Wangsimni Enter Six Food Court: With Don, Old-Fashioned King-Sized Cutlet”

As I contemplated what to order at the food court, it seemed like many people were ordering tonkatsu (pork cutlet) dishes.

I decided to try the “Old-Fashioned King-Sized Cutlet” at a restaurant called “With Don” in the food court. It was a substantial portion, and the price was quite reasonable. The cost of the king-sized cutlet was 8,500 KRW.

This is an ideal place for “solo dining,” offering a comfortable experience for dining alone. Moreover, it’s a convenient dining spot in the Wangsimni area, providing a variety of menu options all in one place.

“Seoul Wangsimni Enter Six: Food Court”

  • Address: 4th Floor, 17 Wangsimni-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, 04750, South Korea