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Hangang Ramyeon at Yeouido’s Yanghwa Pier Convenience Store

“Hangang Ramyeon” refers to ramen that is prepared by placing instant ramen in a specially designed container, adding hot water, and using a ramen-cooking machine to cook it. It was common to see people enjoying ramen prepared this way at convenience stores along the Han River, and it even became a trend when celebrities were shown trying Hangang Ramyeon on television.

“Yeouido Yanghwa Pier Convenience Store”

You can also find a convenience store at Yeouido Yanghwa Pier, and it’s not much different from other typical convenience stores. They generally offer the same menu items available at convenience stores, and you can also find Hangang Ramyeon being sold.

The price of Hangang Ramyeon is around 3,000 to 3,500 KRW. It’s the same type of ramen that we commonly see, like “Shin Ramyeon” or “Neoguri,” which you can buy and enjoy as it is.

When you purchase the ramen, you’ll be provided with a special container for cooking. Simply put the ramen in, place it in the ramen-cooking machine, press the button, and you’ll have delicious ramen ready to eat.

“Relatively Quiet Convenience Store”

Yanghwa Pier gives off a relatively quiet vibe, with fewer people compared to other convenience stores. This creates a sense of tranquility, making it a nice place to enjoy a bowl of ramen while gazing at the Han River.

Particularly, it’s great to rent a “Ddareungi” (public bike) at an affordable price in Seoul and ride along the Han River, taking in the scenery. You can visit one of the convenience stores scattered along the Han River and have a simple meal.

“Seoul Yeouido Yanghwa Pier Convenience Store”

  • Address: 32-1 Yanghwa-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul