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Duddell Street: Home to Hong Kong’s Last Gas Lamps

In Hong Kong, you can still find remnants of the past on its streets. One such place is where gas lamps, no longer in use, are preserved.

Gas lamps were installed in the past to illuminate the streets when Hong Kong was under British rule. However, by 1890, all gas lamps had been replaced by electric ones. The gas lamp on Duddell Street, unique in its historical significance, continues to be maintained and preserved.

“Four Remaining Gas Lamps on Duddell Street”

Originally, there were a total of four gas lamps on Duddell Street, positioned around the staircase. On the day of my visit, construction work was underway on the staircase, preventing me from seeing all four gas lamps. I was able to spot only one.

The last remaining gas lamp in Hong Kong was crafted in 1875, standing for over a century.

“Imagining the Gas Lamps Aglow”

Personally, during my daytime visit, I couldn’t witness the gas lamps illuminated. Driven by curiosity, I returned in the evening, hoping to see the lamps aglow. However, none of them were lit.

Whether this was due to ongoing staircase construction or a safety precaution, I couldn’t ascertain. Nonetheless, the absence of the warm gas lamp glow left me a bit disappointed.

Should I find myself in Hong Kong again in the future, I’ll be eager to witness the gas lamps aglow.

“Central Hong Kong, Duddell Street’s Gas Lamps”