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“Dream Road,” Pohang’s Cultural and Artistic Creative Zone

If you head north from Pohang’s Jukdo Market, you’ll come across a street called “Dream Road.” This street is located around Pohang’s Central Academy Theater and the Central Police Station in Jungang-dong.

In the past, this area used to be the economic and cultural hub of Pohang. However, due to urban planning changes and urban consolidation, vacant spaces and unused shops started to appear. In 2016, as part of Pohang City’s Cultural City Development Project, they initiated the “Revitalization Project of the Original City Center as a Cultural and Artistic Creative Zone.” As a result, individual and group artists in painting, crafts, pottery, music, performance, and sculpture set up their studios in 14 buildings, and after a citizen contest, the area was reborn under the name “Dream Road.”

“Pohang’s Art and Culture Creative Zone: Dream Road”

In Dream Road, you can find shops with diverse and unique names. Being a gathering place for artists, it has a distinctive atmosphere that sets it apart from other places.

In comparison to Seoul, it exudes a similar vibe to Yeonnam-dong, and even the police station is decorated in the shape of an owl, making it an interesting street to explore.

“The Stage of Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant”

Dream Road also became the stage for Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant. In particular, a “Deopbap (rice covered with toppings) restaurant” named “The Sinchon’s” gained popularity, and if you don’t make a reservation in advance, it’s challenging to have a meal there.

I visited on a weekday, and although some time had passed since the broadcast ended, I wondered if I might be able to dine without a reservation. However, I found out that a reservation was still required. As a result, I had to have my meal elsewhere on this visit.

It’s a place where you can discover witty and amusing shops, making it a must-visit location when in Pohang. Especially since it’s not far from Jukdo Market, where you can taste a variety of seafood, it’s a good idea to explore Dream Road along with the market.

“Pohang’s Cultural and Artistic Creative Zone: Dream Road”