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“Currently Dating” by Ha Jeong-mi

In literature, drama, and film, a common theme that never fails to appear is the exploration of romantic relationships between men and women. Especially in popular songs, many lyrics revolve around love, indicating that a significant number of people desire and are interested in love.

Though not often used nowadays, in the past, romantic relationships between men and women were sometimes referred to as “youthful ventures.” Meeting people can be considered a kind of venture, and especially finding someone to spend the rest of your life with can truly be seen as an important endeavor.

“Currently Dating,” a book published by the blogger Ha Jeong-mi, explores the thoughts she had while dating her boyfriend, which she has compiled into a book. Ha Jeong-mi is a blogger who is active on Tistory under the pseudonym “Mushroom Princess,” where she posts writings covering various topics, not just relationships.

While the book touches on the topic of dating, it’s not a guide on how to excel at dating or advice on how to meet the right person. Instead, it simply shares the author’s emotions and thoughts experienced during dating in an episodic format.

Listening to other people’s dating stories used to be quite enjoyable. Although this atmosphere has diminished somewhat today, there was once a societal atmosphere where people were interested in hearing about others’ experiences. Thanks to this, there were many bloggers who wrote about “dating” and gained popularity with posts on the subject.

Similarly, through Ha Jeong-mi’s book “Currently Dating,” readers can indirectly experience the dating lives of others. It’s a book where you can lightly immerse yourself in other people’s dating stories.

“Currently Dating”