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Cafe Westbingo near Sadang Station, Seoul

The area around Sadang Station in Seoul is considered a central transportation hub in the southern part of the city. Thanks to this, you can find various restaurants and cafes nearby.

Westbingo is a small cafe located in an alley between Sadang Station and Isu Station. Unlike large franchise cafes like Starbucks and Twosome Place, Westbingo is a small cafe run by an individual.

“Between Sadang and Isu Stations: Westbingo”

In Korean, “Seobingo” can be translated to “Westbingo.” “Seobingo” was the name of an organization responsible for storing and managing ice during the Joseon Dynasty. While “Seobingo” is located in Yongsan, it’s not entirely clear how the cafe’s name is related to “Seobingo.”

“The Rustic Atmosphere of Westbingo”

Westbingo Cafe is not very large, giving off a cozy and quaint vibe. With wooden interior, it creates a comfortable ambiance. The cafe also features a large glass window, providing both a sense of openness and a touch of vintage charm.

The area between Sadang and Isu Stations is densely populated and frequented by many commuters. Therefore, this small cafe, though petite, appears to be quite solid. An Americano costs 4,000 KRW, and for takeout orders, there is a 1,000 KRW discount.

While the beverage prices are comparable to those at Starbucks, if you opt for takeout, you’ll enjoy a slightly more affordable option.

A privately-run, small cafe near Sadang Station, it’s a nice place for local residents to visit.

“Cafe in Seoul Sadang Station: Westbingo”

  • Address: 1F, 6 Dongjak-daero 13-gil, Dongjak-gu, Seoul (Postal Code: 07014)
  • Phone Number: 0507-1342-3143
  • Business Hours: (Mon-Fri) 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM, (Sat-Sun, Holidays) 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM