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Cafe ‘Around Seesaw’ in Seoul’s Seochon Village

Seochon Village, located west of Gyeongbokgung Palace, boasts a distinct charm different from the neighboring Bukchon Hanok Village to the east. While Bukchon Hanok Village showcases well-preserved renovated hanoks, Seochon Village exudes a somewhat modest atmosphere with a coexistence of traditional Korean and Western-style houses.

“Diverse cafes in Seochon Village”

While Bukchon Hanok Village feels more like a residential area, Seochon Village is a space where various elements coexist. There are many cafes and restaurants catering to both residents and visitors who come to explore the area.

Seochon Village is particularly known for its charming cafes, ranging from traditional hanok cafes to small yet uniquely charismatic ones.

“Cafe in Seochon Village: Around Seesaw”

In Seochon Village, you can find the ‘Ground Seesaw’ gallery. Ground Seesaw is an exhibition space that can be found in various locations such as Seochon, Seongsu, and Myeongdong.

Next to the Ground Seesaw gallery in Seochon Village, you’ll discover a cafe with an intriguing name, ‘Around Seesaw.’ True to its name, it gives off a vibe of being a cafe found around the Ground Seesaw gallery.

“Cafe located right in front of Tongui-dong Baeksongteo”

Around Seesaw is situated right in front of Tongui-dong Baeksongteo. Tongui-dong Baeksongteo was designated as Natural Monument No. 4 on December 3, 1962, for its beautiful form. Unfortunately, it collapsed due to a typhoon on July 17, 1990, and its cultural heritage status was revoked on March 24, 1993. Today, only the base of the fallen tree remains.

Although the old pine tree is no longer there, you can witness new growth in its place. Behind this scene, you’ll find the cafe named ‘Around Seesaw.’

“A three-story cafe with a complex structure”

Around Seesaw has a somewhat intricate structure. Depending on which entrance you use, the floors change. If you enter from the side facing away from Baeksongteo, you’ll find the counter. The structure allows you to go up or down from the counter.

Each floor is themed differently, providing a small yet distinct atmosphere. There are independent rooms scattered between the floors, making it a great place to spend time with friends.

“Outdoor seating on the third floor”

Especially on the third floor, there is outdoor seating available. It’s a nice spot to spend time while gazing at Baeksongteo. This cafe, tucked away in a quiet neighborhood, creates a unique atmosphere. You can also taste coffee and bread, including the owner’s homemade salt bread.

It’s a great place for couples looking for a atmospheric date spot in Seochon Village.

“Cafe ‘Around Seesaw’ in Seoul Seochon Village”