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Bundang Central Park, Seongnam

These days, new cities (신도시) in Korea often have names in English. However, in the past, new cities were often named using Korean. A good example is the “Central Park” near Sookmyung Women’s University Station in Bundang.

“Seongnam Bundang, Seongnam Central Park”

The formal name of Central Park is “Seongnam Central Park.” It is located on the slopes of Mt. Yeongjang, standing at a height of 413.5 meters. The park preserves the original topography and trees, while also planting indigenous species to create a natural landscape.

Notably, it is known as a popular location for filming movies, TV shows, and commercials, attracting visitors from countries like Japan and Taiwan.

“Pond, Water Wheel, Grass Square, and More – A Park with Diverse Scenery”

Seongnam Central Park is quite large, offering various facilities within the park. These include a lake, fountains, a water wheel, a grass square, an evergreen square, and a platform square. Additionally, you can find facilities for sports such as badminton, gateball, machine gymnastics, and comprehensive sports facilities.

The pond, called Bundang Lake, crosses through the park and was created by diverting water from the Bundang Stream. It’s known to have an area of approximately 12,500 square meters, designed in a circular shape reminiscent of Anapji Pond in Gyeongju.

“Hansan Lee Clan Cultural Heritage Found in Central Park”

In Central Park, you can find the burial site of the 116th Gyeonggi Province Cultural Property, a prominent landmark. This area houses the burial mounds of the descendants of the Hansan Lee Clan, who were prominent figures in Confucianism during the late Joseon Dynasty, and the stone tablets of the leading scholars of Confucianism during the Goryeo Dynasty. In 1989, when Bundang New Town was developed, just before the entire burial site was absorbed, it was designated as a cultural heritage conservation zone in response to suggestions from the local residents and scholars.

“Accessible Central Park”

As the name suggests, Central Park is easily accessible. It is close to Bundang-gu Office, not far from Sookmyung Women’s University Station, which has a subway station. Additionally, there are various apartments around the perimeter of the park, providing a convenient place for Bundang residents to take a leisurely stroll.

“Seongnam: Bundang Central Park”