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“Barley Dried Croaker” Restaurant “Hwajeong Garden” near Goyang Haengju Fortress

There is a famous restaurant known for “Barley Dried Croaker” near Haengju Fortress in Goyang. It is a longstanding establishment that has been featured in various TV programs such as “Shiksin Road” and “Live Info Show.”

The restaurant, named “Hwajeong Garden,” is located in a quiet area near Haengju Fortress, in a two-story building.

“Hwajeong Garden’s Barley Dried Croaker Set Menu”

The most famous dish at Hwajeong Garden is the Barley Dried Croaker, priced at 20,000 KRW per serving. When you order the set menu, it comes with a variety of side dishes, creating a generous spread. Considering the number of side dishes that are served, it is quite reasonably priced. In addition to Barley Dried Croaker, they also offer menu items such as Hongeo (fermented skate), Byung-eo Jorim (simmered croaker), and Yuk Sashimi (raw beef slices).

“Barley Dried Croaker? How does it differ from regular croaker?”

The term “croaker” refers to fish, specifically croaker fish that have been dried. Depending on the drying method, it can be categorized as croaker, Yeonggwang croaker, or Barley Dried Croaker.

Barley Dried Croaker refers to croaker that has been naturally dried in the sea breeze and then matured in a pot with barley. It gets its name from the fact that the croaker is stored with barley grains.

Storing the croaker with barley removes any fishy smell, and the oil inside the croaker seeps out and gives it a yellowish hue.

“A Generous Spread”

When you order the set menu, it comes with a generous portion of rice and various side dishes, allowing for a satisfying meal. Especially, this place is known for its flavorful Barley Dried Croaker, making it a perfect main course.

Personally, this was the first place I tried authentic Barley Dried Croaker, and I thoroughly enjoyed the hearty meal. It’s a great place to have a meal after exploring Haengju Fortress.

“Goyang City Haengju Fortress: Hwajeong Garden”

  • Address: 49-12, Haengju-ro 15beon-gil, Deogyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, 10440, Korea
  • Phone: 031-972-7705
  • Business Hours: 11:00 AM – 8:30 PM