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Anyang Pyeongchon Cafe & Bar: Loxid Gateau

Around Anyang Pyeongchon Station, you can find various restaurants and cafes. This area, which can be described as a bustling commercial district centered around the station, resembles the downtown area of Anyang, featuring a variety of restaurants, bars, and cafes.

“Anyang Pyeongchon Cafe: Loxid Gateau Pyeongchon Ziella Branch”

Describing Loxid Gateau in one word is not easy. It serves as a cafe, a restaurant, a dessert shop, and even a bar. It’s not operated under just one concept, but rather as an intriguing place with multiple concepts. To put it simply, during the day, it operates with a cafe-like atmosphere, and in the evening, it takes on the ambiance of a bar.

“Impressive Trendy Interior”

Generally, it’s considered challenging for a bar and cafe to coexist in one concept. However, Loxid Gateau manages to blend this ambiguity in a way that creates an atmosphere that feels just right. It doesn’t feel overly flashy or burdensome, but rather exudes a sense of being in line with current trends. The brand concept itself is described as a “cafe with different day and night concepts,” and it aligns well with that.

“A Two-Floor Store”

The store is divided into two floors, with a high ceiling on the first floor. It’s essentially a one-story structure, with an additional mezzanine level created. So, strictly speaking, it’s not a complete two-floor layout. On hot days, going upstairs can mean encountering a lot of hot air, which could potentially make for a challenging experience. Overall, it’s a place with a trendy atmosphere, offering a unique store where you can experience different atmospheres during the day and night.

“Visited for an English Meetup”

The reason for visiting Loxid Gateau in Anyang Pyeongchon was special. It was to participate in an English meetup held here. Due to COVID-19, I hadn’t attended meetups for a while, and with little occasion to use English, I deliberately visited this place to have a chance to meet people and use English.

The people I met at the meetup seemed nice, but unfortunately, for me personally, it ended up being a one-time gathering. As I would be returning to the office from the following week, I wouldn’t have the time to spare.

Although it was a brief encounter, it was a day where I could create new memories in a new place.

“Anyang Pyeongchon Cafe & Bar: Loxid Gateau”

  • Address: 107, Pyeongchon Ziella, 183 Gwanpyeong-ro, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, 14067, Korea
  • Phone: 010-8898-3521
  • Operating Hours: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Website: https://www.loxidgateau.co.kr