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Ansan Gojan-dong Budaejjigae Restaurant: ‘Bokdeokjib’

The area around Ansan Gojan Station is a local neighborhood where many residents of Ansan live. Despite being a local area, you can find a variety of restaurants throughout the vicinity. One such restaurant near Gojan Station is known for its menu featuring dishes like “Budaejjigae” (army stew), “Budaejeongol” (army hot pot), and “Bulnakjeongol” (spicy seafood hot pot) – it’s called “Bokdeokjib.”

“Ansan Gojan-dong Budaejjigae Restaurant: Bokdeokjib”

I had the opportunity to visit the Gojan area near Ansan Gojan Station, thanks to a friend who lives nearby. Among the recommended restaurants by local friends, Bokdeokjib is known for its specialty in Budaejjigae, a dish combining various ingredients, including instant noodles and assorted meats.

On this particular visit, being my first, I decided to try their signature dish, the “Budaejeongol.” It’s worth noting that here, they refer to it as “Budaejeongol” instead of the more common term “Budaejjigae.” Apart from this, they offer a variety of other menu items:

  • Budaejeongol: KRW 9,000
  • Chadol Budaejeongol (Medium): KRW 38,000
  • Chadol Budaejeongol (Large): KRW 45,000
  • Altangjeongol (Pollack Roe Hot Pot): KRW 12,000
  • Muneo Altangjeongol (Squid Roe Hot Pot): KRW 17,000
  • Muneo Sookhoe (Squid Sashimi): KRW 25,000
  • Muneo Chomuchim (Seasoned Squid Salad): KRW 30,000
  • Chadol Buchumuchim (Seasoned Brisket and Leek): KRW 15,000
  • Cheese Gyeranmari (Cheese Rolled Omelette): KRW 9,000
  • Bacon Vegetable Bokkeumbap (Stir-fried Rice): KRW 6,000
  • Hwangdo (Yellow Corvina): KRW 4,000
  • Rice: KRW 1,000
  • Butter: KRW 500

“Budaejeongol for Two: KRW 18,000”

Before the main dish, the table was already filled with various side dishes. As we enjoyed the banchan, the highlight of the meal, the Budaejeongol, arrived shortly after.

With a generous spread of banchan already available, when combined with the main dish, it results in a satisfying meal. The Budaejeongol here is filled with an abundance of ingredients, especially notable for including various seafood such as roe and clams, setting it apart from the typical army stew found elsewhere.

Thanks to this, you can experience an even heartier hot pot. It’s a restaurant that could easily become well-known in the Gojan area of Ansan as a go-to spot for delicious Budaejjigae.

If you find yourself craving Budaejjigae near Gojan Station, it’s definitely worth a visit. Whether alone or with friends, it’s a great place to enjoy Budaejjigae and spend some quality time.

“Ansan Gojan-dong Budaejjigae Restaurant: Bokdeokjib”

  • Address: 1st Floor, 8-1 Darigan-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, 15459, South Korea
  • Phone: 031-405-2582
  • Operating Hours: 11:30 AM – 10:00 PM (Break Time: 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM)