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Anime Opening Theme Turned Cheer Song, “Gale Force”

The song “Gale Force,” once an anime theme, has transformed into a widely recognized cheer anthem. It has found its place in various events such as baseball games and university gatherings, emerging as one of the representative cheer songs.

From the powerful guitar sounds at the start to the lyrics that begin with “Give me another storm-like courage…,” the song might ignite a surge of energy in listeners as soon as it begins. The track exudes strength and energy, aiming to convey that energy to those who listen.

“Gale Force,” Initially an Anime Song

Originally featured as an anime theme, “Gale Force” is a song sung by Yoo Jung-seok, serving as the opening theme for the TUBAn series “Mighty Muscle Man 2.”

Initially, the song gained modest attention as a theme for the TUBAn channel’s self-produced animated series. However, it gradually became known not as an anime theme but as a widely used cheer song in various programs, sports events, and more.

As a result, the original singer, Yoo Jung-seok, spent a considerable time as a faceless artist until participating in Sing Again Season 3, where he revealed his face to the public.

“Esports, Hong Jin-ho’s Cheer Song for StarCraft”

The song has been utilized as a cheer anthem in various fields, including university cheering squads and sports events, as mentioned earlier. In the esports scene, it served as the cheer song for Hong Jin-ho, a prominent StarCraft player during the game’s peak popularity.

During 2008, Hong Jin-ho was past his prime, occasionally showcasing victories against formidable opponents despite struggling to keep up with the trends. The lyrics’ iconic line, “Give me another storm-like courage…,” resonated well with Hong Jin-ho’s nickname “Storm Zerg,” adding to its popularity.

“Covered by Various Artists”

“Gale Force” is no longer exclusive to its original singer, Yoo Jung-seok. As it continued to be used as a cheer anthem and covered by various artists, it solidified its position as one of the representative cheer songs.

“Used as a Campaign Song for Elections”

Surprisingly, “Gale Force” was even used as a campaign song during elections, particularly associated with the Justice Party in Korea. Sim Sang-jung, a candidate during the 19th presidential election, utilized the song for her campaign. Moreover, during the 7th Local Elections, Kim Kyung-soo, running for governor in Gyeongsangnam-do, also adopted the song for his campaign.

From starting as an “anime” opening song to concluding grandiosely, “Gale Force” has become a ubiquitous cheer anthem used in various settings. Despite its humble beginnings as the opening theme for the Japanese anime “Mighty Muscle Man,” the song’s hopeful, challenging, and passionate lyrics have led it to widespread use. It is often hailed as one of the most successful songs among Korean anime music, continuously receiving love as a song that instills hope and passion in its listeners.