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Aladdin Used Bookstore Isu Station Branch, Seoul

Aladdin Used Bookstore, the first offline large-scale secondhand bookstore in Korea, opened on September 11, 2011, in Jongno 2-ga. Following the positive response to the first branch, the chain continued to expand and now operates 46 stores domestically and one internationally.

Aladdin Used Bookstore successfully departed from the traditional image associated with used bookstores, which often carried a worn-out appearance. Instead, it adopted a clean and sophisticated interior along with a large-scale bookstore sales system, effectively appealing to a wide audience.

“Aladdin Used Bookstore, Isu Station Branch, Seoul”

You can find Aladdin Used Bookstores in major cities. In Seoul, there are several locations, including the Isu Station branch. As the name suggests, Aladdin Used Bookstore Isu Station Branch is conveniently located within Isu Station. To visit the store, you’ll need to enter Isu Station.

“A Spacious Bookstore”

Aladdin Used Bookstore Isu Station Branch, situated within the station, boasts a notably spacious layout. This feature, combined with its convenient location within Isu Station, makes it particularly appealing to commuters. It offers excellent accessibility for those utilizing the subway.

“Aladdin Buys Used Books”

As the name implies, Aladdin Used Bookstore deals in secondhand books. However, it also purchases used books. This system involves acquiring books that customers no longer wish to keep at a reasonable price, organizing them neatly, and then selling them at an appropriate cost.

Thanks to this system, if you have books you no longer need, you can sell them at Aladdin Used Bookstore. However, not all books may be eligible for sale.

Aladdin Used Bookstore may not purchase books that are either already in stock or lack an ISBN.

If you bring books to the store for sale and they are not accepted, it can be disappointing. To avoid this, you can check online in advance to see if the book can be purchased. By visiting the “Aladdin Website” and searching for the book, you can press the “Sell to Aladdin” button to verify whether the book can be bought.

“Aladdin Used Bookstore: Book Purchase Criteria

Compared to other secondhand bookstores, Aladdin Used Bookstore has relatively strict criteria. Books are classified into the following categories based on their condition, and they do not purchase books below a certain grade:

  • Excellent: Books with no signs of use, aging, or discoloration.
  • Good: Well-maintained books.
  • Fair: Books with someone’s name written in them, but still well-maintained.

When selling books to Aladdin Used Bookstore, they may offer prices on the lower side. At times, the offered amount may seem modest. However, in situations where you need to dispose of books due to reasons such as moving, selling them for a lesser price may still be advantageous.

At Aladdin Used Bookstore, you have the opportunity to sell unused books in your possession or purchase secondhand books at a more budget-friendly price compared to new ones. Especially for the Isu Station branch, conveniently situated adjacent to Isu Station, you can easily drop by while passing through.

“Seoul Isu Station, Aladdin Used Bookstore Isu Station Branch”