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“Essentials for Overseas Direct Purchases”

When engaging in overseas direct purchases, you gain access to a wider range of products compared to sourcing items domestically, and in some cases, the cost savings can be significant. In this post, let’s check the essential items you need before starting overseas direct purchases.

“Preparations Needed Before Overseas Direct Purchases”

To prepare for overseas direct purchases, let’s organize the necessary items:

  • Credit Card Acceptable for International Transactions (Visa/MasterCard):
    • A credit card that allows international transactions is crucial. Look for cards with the “Visa” or “MasterCard” symbols, indicating their capability for overseas payments.
  • Email Address:
    • An email address is required for signing up on overseas shopping websites. While you can use domestic email addresses, using a widely accepted service like Google’s Gmail is recommended.
  • Shipping Agent’s Mailbox Address:
    • Necessary only if using a shipping agent or forwarding service. If opting for direct shipping, it may not be relevant.
  • Your Home Address in English for Delivery:
    • Since items are coming from overseas, it’s essential to provide your address in English. You can convert your address to English using online tools like this one.
  • Personal Customs Clearance Code:
    • In recent times, obtaining a personal customs clearance code from the Korea Customs Service (Uni-Pass) is required for many cases. You can easily create this code using your resident registration number and an electronic certificate. More information can be found here.

Once these five pieces of information are prepared, anyone can start their journey into direct overseas purchasing. Let’s break down each one.

1. Credit Card Acceptable for International Transactions:

  • Make sure your credit card can be used for international transactions by checking for symbols like “Visa” or “MasterCard.”

2. Email Address:

  • An email address is necessary for signing up on international shopping platforms. Using a globally recognized service like Gmail is recommended.

3. Shipping Agent’s Mailbox Address:

  • This is only needed if utilizing a shipping agent. For direct shipping, this might not be applicable.

4. Your Home Address in English for Delivery:

  • Provide your address in English using conversion tools to ensure smooth international deliveries.

5. Personal Customs Clearance Code:

  • Obtain a personal customs clearance code from the Korea Customs Service, required for many overseas purchases.

By preparing these basics, anyone can start their overseas direct purchases. Early preparation ensures a smoother experience when diving into the world of global shopping.