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All-in-One “Paint Roller” with Attached Paint Bucket

When painting, it’s common to carry a roller and a paint bucket separately and apply paint to the roller from the bucket during the job. However, there is a clever product that addresses this inconvenience.

Introducing the “Injection Paint Roller,” a product that ingeniously attaches a paint bucket to the paint roller.

In this product, the rod of the paint roller acts like a syringe, sucking up the paint. Then, you can use the paint roller to spray the paint gradually.

“A Convenient Product for Paint Jobs”

Using this roller can significantly reduce the hassle of painting, making the process more efficient. It not only streamlines the workflow but also potentially speeds up the job.

It seems like a groundbreaking product that can greatly assist in paint jobs.

You can find this product on AliExpress, and its price is approximately $30.