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Vehicle Head-Up Display “EANOP HUD Mirror 04”

Various devices are being developed to make vehicle driving more convenient, and one such prominent device is the “Head-Up Display (HUD).” Among the cost-effective options, the product from EANOP stands out.

“EANOP HUD Mirror 04”

EANOP produces a variety of vehicle accessories, and the “HUD Mirror 04” is their Head-Up Display device.

This device can display speed and time, and through various options, you can also show other information such as RPM and VOLT.

“HUD visible even during the day”

In the past, it was challenging to identify information on previous HUDs in strong daylight, but this product ensures good visibility even during the day.

By reducing the hassle of constantly checking the vehicle dashboard while keeping an eye on the road, this product contributes to safer driving.

The product is available on AliExpress, with a price of approximately $36, equivalent to around 40,000 KRW.