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“Colorful World Map for Kids’ Room Decor”

When it comes to decorating walls, one of the most versatile and fitting items is a world map. This time, let’s focus on a world map with vibrant and lively colors, especially suitable for children’s rooms.

“Decorate Kids’ Rooms with a Colorful World Map”

There are various designs of world maps, and I’d like to introduce one in sticker format with lively and colorful shades.

Considering its affordable price, the quality is relatively decent. It’s particularly well-suited for decorating homes with children, thanks to its colorful representation of countries.

The size is approximately “60 * 90 cm,” and being in sticker format allows for neat and easy wall decoration.

Priced at around $4, with shipping costing about $1.6, the total purchase cost is approximately $5.6. This translates to roughly 6,000 KRW.

You can find this item on AliExpress, and by clicking the link below, you can make a purchase.