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“Including the Country Code for Overseas Payment Phone Number”

When making overseas purchases, there is a field to enter your phone number. In this case, you can input your Korean phone number as is, but there is one more thing you need to add: the “country code” in front of your phone number.

“Entering Phone Number in Overseas Shopping Websites”

Korean mobile phone numbers are typically formatted as “010-1234-5678.” When entering your phone number on an overseas shopping website, you should prepend the Korean country code to your phone number.

The country code for South Korea is “82.” Therefore, you need to add “82” in front of your phone number.

“Exclude the leading ‘0’ when starting with ‘010.’”

However, be cautious that if your phone number starts with “010,” you should exclude the leading “0” and connect “82” directly. For example, if the phone number is “010-1234-5678,” it should be entered as “82-10-1234-5678.”

Here, we’ve covered how to include the Korean country code when entering your phone number for overseas payments.