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“Slam Dunk Character Acrylic Keychain”

This is a keychain featuring characters from the main team of Slam Dunk, known as “Shohoku.” The keychain includes depictions of the members, such as Hanamichi Sakuragi, Rukawa Kaede, Takenori Akagi, Kiminobu Kogure, and Mitsui Hisashi. Additionally, it features characters from other teams like Yohei Mito from Nango and Sukegawa from Sannoh.

For Hanamichi Sakuragi, there are two versions available, showcasing both his long-haired and short-haired appearances. You have the option to choose your favorite version or order both.

“Slam Dunk Characters: Acrylic Keychain”

The price for each acrylic keychain is $1.26, but keep in mind that there’s a shipping fee of $0.97. Ordering multiple items at once might be advantageous considering the shipping cost.