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“Slam Dunk Shohoku Team Poster”

This poster features the main characters of Slam Dunk, particularly the Shohoku High School basketball team, including the protagonist Kang Baek-ho and his teammates. It captures a moment of them taking a break after playing basketball diligently, showcasing various images.

The poster comes in different sizes, and below are the available options. Note that the version without a frame is provided, and prices range from $2.42 to $18.89, depending on the size and artwork.

  • 10 X 15cm
  • 13 X 18cm
  • 15 X 20cm
  • 20 X 25cm
  • 21 X 30cm
  • 30 X 42cm
  • 38 X 50cm
  • 45 X 60cm
  • 50 X 70cm
  • 60 X 80cm
  • 60 X 90cm
  • 70 X 90cm