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“Slam Dunk ‘Shohoku High School’ Uniform”

You can find merchandise related to the popular Japanese basketball manga, Slam Dunk, on AliExpress as well. The Japanese name for the team to which the main character of Slam Dunk, Hanamichi Sakuragi, belongs is “Shohoku High School,” written as “쇼호쿠 (Shohoku)” in Korean.

For those who have read the manga in the Korean version, where character names and locations are adapted to a Korean style, the name “쇼호쿠 (Shohoku)” might sound unfamiliar, but it represents North Mountain High School in the story.

“AliExpress: Slam Dunk Shohoku High School Uniform”

On AliExpress, you can purchase the Shohoku High School uniform from Slam Dunk. The available colors include red, black, white, and green. You have the option to buy either the top or the bottom separately, or you can purchase them as a set.

When purchasing the top and bottom as a set, the price is around $28.21, approximately ₩30,000 in Korean won.

“Four Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL”

The sizes come in four options: “M, L, XL, XXL.” You can choose your preferred color and size when making a purchase.