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“Super Mario Piranha Plant Slippers”

In Super Mario, one of the obstacles that appear is the Piranha Plant. When Mario comes into contact with this plant, he either dies or suffers damage. In various ways, it can be considered one of the representative obstacles in Mario games.

“Super Mario Piranha Plant Slippers”

This time, let’s introduce a character product related to Super Mario. It’s a product that takes the form of the Piranha Plant.

While it looks like the “Piranha Plant” when stored in a container, when taken out for use, it transforms into slippers featuring the “mushroom” pattern that makes Mario grow when he eats it.

Although it’s a character product, it’s not only collectible but also functional, and depending on how you use it, it can present various designs, making it an interesting and versatile item.

Personally, I prefer character products that can be integrated into daily life rather than just being displayed.

You can find this product on AliExpress. Priced at around $22, it’s approximately ₩22,000 in Korean won. The size is one standard option. Click the link below to visit the product page.