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“Gift-Wrapped Women’s Underwear”

On special occasions like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, couples often exchange gifts. However, wouldn’t it be delightful to receive a gift even if the items don’t directly come and go?

“Gift-Wrapped Women’s Underwear”

This product, named “Gift-Wrapped Women’s Underwear” designed for Valentine’s Day gifts, was first created by a Japanese clothing company.

The underwear is shaped like the straps used to wrap gifts, with strategically placed coverage in the most essential areas.

“Originally Created in Japan”

This type of underwear first appeared in Japan and quickly sold out. The price was 7,500 yen, equivalent to approximately 75,000 won.

Since then, similar products have become available from various sources. On AliExpress, you can purchase them at a much more affordable price.

  • AliExpress “Gift-Wrapped Women’s Underwear”: Link