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Xiaomi Portable Steam Iron “Deerma DEM-HS006”

Xiaomi consistently releases a variety of lifestyle products, and this time, let’s take a look at a portable and foldable steam iron.

“The Xiaomi Portable Foldable Steam Iron”

The Xiaomi portable and foldable steam iron weighs approximately 1.1kg (package weight 1.3kg), making it a lightweight iron. Its foldable design also reduces its volume, making it easy to carry.

While traveling, there might be instances where clothes get wrinkled, and wearing them as is can be disappointing. In such situations, having a portable steam iron like this one can make it convenient to quickly iron your clothes.

“One can iron clothes while they are hanging.”

One of the key advantages of this product is the ability to iron clothes while they are hanging. This feature is especially handy during travels when a full ironing set might not be available, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly iron your clothes.

If you are a frequent traveler, this could become an essential item in your luggage.

The price is approximately $33, and you can find it on AliExpress. Follow the link below for more details: