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Xiaomi Electric Water Dispenser

Xiaomi is known for creating unique products that can be used in various aspects of daily life. The product we’ll explore this time is the “Electric Water Dispenser.”

“An Electric Water Dispenser that can be directly attached to the water jug”

If you’ve been to an office, you might have seen water dispensers that can be attached to a large 20-liter water jug. With Xiaomi’s Electric Water Dispenser, you can use the dispenser directly without the need for a separate main unit. Simply attach the device, shaped like a faucet, to the opening of the water jug.

“It operates on electricity and can be charged via USB”

The device operates on electricity and can be conveniently charged via USB. It provides a practical solution for various applications in daily life.

Priced at around $12, the product is available on AliExpress. You can check out the product by following the link below: