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“Xiaomi Sensor Foaming Hand Sanitizer Dispenser”

Xiaomi continually produces a variety of products that can be useful in daily life. Nowadays, due to the COVID-19 virus, there is an increased emphasis on hygiene.

In such situations, a product that could be useful is the “Sensor Foaming Hand Sanitizer Dispenser” by Xiaomi.

“Sensor Foaming Hand Sanitizer Dispenser”

The product we are introducing this time is the foaming hand sanitizer dispenser developed by Xiaomi. When using hand sanitizer, it is typical to press a button by hand to dispense the product.

This product operates with a sensor, allowing you to generate foam without manually pressing any buttons.

The product consists of four batteries, sanitizer liquid, and the dispenser. Once you insert the batteries and connect everything properly, it works seamlessly.

For situations where hand sanitizer is frequently needed, placing this dispenser allows you to receive sanitizer without touching it, promoting a more hygienic use.

The product is available on AliExpress, and the price is approximately $16. In Korean won, it would be around 17,000 KRW. Click the link below to purchase the product.