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Xiaomi BeBird M9 Earpick with Endoscope Camera

Introducing an innovative lifestyle product from Xiaomi – the BeBird M9 earpick with an integrated endoscope camera. Unlike ordinary earpicks, this one comes equipped with a camera for internal inspection.

“Xiaomi Earpick with Integrated Camera”

Sometimes, improper cleaning of ears can lead to pain or, in severe cases, inflammation. The Xiaomi endoscope camera earpick is designed to address such concerns.

By connecting it to your smartphone, you can view the camera feed on your phone screen while safely cleaning your ears. This visual aid makes it easier and safer to remove earwax.

“90-Minute Battery Life, USB Rechargeable”

With a battery life of approximately 90 minutes, the device is USB rechargeable. The BeBird product boasts a sleek design, adding to its appeal and making it an even more desirable item.

You can find the product on AliExpress, with prices ranging from around $30 to $40. Click the link below to explore the product.