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Board Game “Wisdom and Warfare” Korean Version

The Civilization expansion pack, “Wisdom and Warfare,” was born from the same diverse memes that gave rise to “Sid Meier’s Civilization,” known for phrases like “Time Machine to the Future” and “You have built a civilization.”

Released in 2010, the Civilization board game series is a game based on Sid Meier’s PC game Civilization, offering a simplified version of the rules.

Civilization Expansion Pack: Wisdom and Warfare

There are two expansion packs for the board game Civilization, but unfortunately, neither has been translated into Korean. Nevertheless, individuals have taken it upon themselves to work on translations and share their creations with the community.

A gamer using the pseudonym “RedCat” has shared the Korean translation of “Wisdom and Warfare” on the DiveDice website.

The translation focuses on the manual, providing a Korean version of the English-written manual. Although it covers only the manual, having the rules translated into Korean should make it easier to play the game.

You can download the material below: