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“Wireless Charging Pad with Lamp Function”

As wireless charging technology advances, products that combine creative ideas with wireless charging functionality are gaining attention, moving beyond products that solely focus on wireless charging.

Previously, we introduced eye-catching wireless charging pads like the “Angel Wings” or the “Magic Circle.” This time, we’d like to introduce a product with a more straightforward feature.

“2 in 1 – Wireless charging pad with a built-in lamp”

This wireless charging pad comes with a built-in lamp feature, offering both wireless charging and lamp functionality in one product. It can be described as a “2 in 1” product where two functions are combined into one.

The lamp function allows you to adjust the brightness in three levels. Additionally, you can use the lamp to support your phone, providing versatile usage.

“Sleek and simple design”

Compared to other stands, this product boasts a cleaner and more minimalist design. It is a functional product with a simple design that focuses on practical features.

The price is approximately $17, and you can find the product on AliExpress. Click the link below to check it out.