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“Laptop Webcam Cover”

Modern electronic devices such as laptops and smartphones typically come equipped with built-in cameras. Laptops, in particular, have had integrated webcams for a long time, providing convenience in various scenarios. However, this convenience can turn into a dilemma in the event of hacking.

Introducing the “Laptop Webcam Cover,” a product designed to alleviate concerns about potential privacy breaches. While some people resort to placing stickers or other makeshift solutions over their webcam, this might not be aesthetically pleasing.

This product aims to eliminate such worries by offering a sticker that allows you to cover your laptop or smartphone camera when not in use and easily slide it open when needed. The slide mechanism makes it a convenient solution, and the product is reasonably priced. For around 3 pieces, it costs approximately $1.5, making it roughly 500 won per piece.

The cover is compatible with laptops, smartphones, tablets, and similar devices, providing a simple and effective way to safeguard your privacy. Use this product to comfortably protect yourself from potential unforeseen incidents.

You can find this product on AliExpress by clicking the link below.