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“Naver ‘Customs Duty and VAT Calculator'”

When engaging in overseas direct purchases, there are certain aspects that require careful attention: “customs duty” and “value-added tax (VAT).” While understanding the basic concepts might be feasible, delving into the specifics can be challenging for ordinary individuals who don’t specialize in this field.

To ensure a successful overseas direct purchase, it is essential to confirm how much “customs duty” and “VAT” will be incurred, as it’s expected to be more cost-effective than purchasing items domestically.

Fortunately, there is a way to easily estimate the figures, although not with 100% accuracy. The method involves using the “customs duty and VAT calculator” provided by Naver, one of Korea’s major search engines.

네이버 관부가세 계산기

Here’s how you can use the “Naver Customs Duty and VAT Calculator”: Simply search for “관부가세” (customs duty and VAT) on Naver, and you will find the calculator automatically displayed. By entering details such as “대분류 (main category),” “소분류 (sub-category),” “구입 국가 (purchase country),” “금액 (amount),” and “무게 (weight),” you can obtain an approximate calculation of customs duty and VAT.

This way, you can use Naver’s Customs Duty and VAT Calculator to get a rough estimate of customs duty and VAT before making your overseas purchase.