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“Getting the Old iPhone SE on AliExpress”

When the iPhone 5 was first introduced, it gained immense popularity. It was a versatile phone with a small size, sleek design, and powerful hardware. (Although it may not be as powerful by today’s standards…)

“Sleek Design of the iPhone 5”

The iPhone 5 still boasts a sophisticated design that holds up well even today. Riding on its popularity, Apple later officially re-released it as the “iPhone SE,” maintaining the same design but upgrading the internal hardware.

However, even the iPhone SE has now faded into the background with the introduction of the “iPhone SE 2.” Finding the original “iPhone SE” has become a challenging task.

“Getting the iPhone SE on AliExpress”

Nevertheless, you can still find the “iPhone SE” on AliExpress. You can experience the nostalgia of the old iPhone, with prices around $100. It’s relatively affordable, approximately $96, which translates to slightly over 100,000 won.

Of course, this is for the smallest capacity version with 16GB. If you opt for higher capacity, like 64GB, the price goes up to around $115.

“The iPhone SE Still Boasts a Sleek Design”

Personally, I prefer smaller-sized phones. While larger phones may be more convenient to use, they are challenging to carry in pockets, and their weight can be a drawback.

Unfortunately, smaller phones are not as prevalent nowadays. The “iPhone Mini” series is one of the few options, but compared to older phones, it’s relatively large.

In that sense, considering purchasing the “iPhone SE” at an affordable price through AliExpress seemed like an interesting idea. It’s a device that can be used as a secondary phone, even if not as a primary one, given its lower cost. However, I decided against it.

Preserving memories as they are might be a better choice. Nevertheless, for those who wish to hold on to the nostalgia of the past or collect items for a hobby, buying an old iPhone on AliExpress could be a fun experience.