Tokyo Robot Hotel “Henn na Hotel Asakusabashi”

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Tokyo Robot Hotel “Henn na Hotel Asakusabashi”

In this Tokyo trip, the hotel I stayed at for 3 nights and 4 days after the capsule hotel was “Henn na Hotel(変なホテル)” which means “weird hotel”.

“Henna Hotel(変なホテル), meaning a Weird Hotel.”

The word, Henn na(変な) means “Weird” in Japanese. So, if you literally translate the name of this hotel, you can say it’s a “Weird Hotel.”

“The First Weird Point, Robots are accepting check in and out.”

The first strange thing about this place is that robots are working at the counter. When you enter the hotel lobby, you can see robots that look like humans standing.

In fact, it looks like human but not exactly looks like human. So you might feel weird. Perhaps this is one of the example of concept of “Uncanny Valley”.

“Robots are just standing, Self-check in and out system through the machine.”

However, the robots are just standing. To check in and out, you have to use the touch-pad. Thus, it could be said that it is a Self-check in and out system.

You can scan your passport and enter the required information, and then you will receive the key for your room, and you can finish check-in.

Checking out is more simple than check-in, you can insert the key card into a machine that looks like a vending machine right next to the robot, checkout proceeds are done automatically.

“Check-in, from 3 o’clock, Where should I keep my luggage before I check in?”

Usually, check-in time for Japanese hotels is from 3 P.M. So, even if you arrive earlier, you cannot enter the hotel early. In addition, this is a place where you check in through a robot, so time management will be more strict.

If you want to keep your luggage, you can use the luggage locker next to the counter. There is luggage lockers in the hotel lobby, which is also mechanically operated. The blue light on means an empty machine, so you can find and use the blue light.

When the luggage lockers are fulled used. You can call the staff in the hotel by using the phone in the hotel lobby. They will come out and keep your luggage. To get your luggage back, you can call them using the phone again.

“30,600 yen per 3 nights, Around 50 USD a night per person.”

I stayed here with my friend, total 2 people at the same time. And we spent 30,600 yen per 3 nights. So, I could say we spent around 50 USD per night a person.

The condition of the room and the size was wide enough. Thus, I could say that it was the cost-effective place for this Tokyo Travel for me.

“Henna Hotel Tokyo Asakusabashi”

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