“9 Hours Otemachi-Imperial Palace”, Tokyo Capsule Hotel

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“9 Hours Otemachi-Imperial Palace”, Capsule Hotel in Tokyo, Japan

In Japan, you can find special hotel also known as “Capsule Hotel”. For this second Tokyo Travel, I wanted to have experience staying in that Capsule hotel. We looked up capsule hotels in Tokyo before the flight.

Among the listed Capsule Hotels, we decided to stay a night in “9 Hours Otemachi-Imperial Palalce” in Tokyo because it was not that far away from Tokyo Station.

“Sci-Fi Atmosphere Capsule Hotel, 9 Hours”

The reason I chose this place was quite simple. We looked up the pictures of the listed capsule hotels, the pictures of this place looks quite clean, cozy and feels sci-fi atmosphere.

“Around 20 USD per night.”

The price was quite cheap to stay a night. It was only around 20 USD per night. It seems to be that it is quite cost-effective place if you travel alone for cheap and cheerful trip.

Although it is a capsule hotel, it provides basic things like towels, pyjamas, slippers.toothpaste and toothbrushes. The bathroom and shower booth was shared with other people, but it was maintained nicely.

“Private Locker is provided.”

When you check in, they will give you a small locker for private usage. Inside the locker, you can find a basic package such as towels and pyjamas, and so on. However, the locker is not that big, so, you cannot put your luggage into it. In that case, you can take your luggage to the counter, and they will keep it for you.

“Sleeping in capsule-shaped room.”

Just because it is not a normal hotel, it is a capsule hotel, only small sized capsule bedroom is provided for you. Inside of the capsule room, you can find a 110V outlet and a USB-C port, with them you can charge your electrical devices. It is not that enough, however, it could be better than nothing.

“Located in a bit isolated place.”

I thought it would be many places to go around here, however because it was inside very quite neighbourhood, there were no places to go at night time. I was only able to find a small Chinese restaurant right next to the hotel.

It was quite fortunate to have the restaurant there. Thanks to the place, we were able to have the very late dinner on the first day in Tokyo travel.

It would be quite unique experience to stay in Capsule hotel. It is not that comfortable than my expectation. However, it was quite interesting and cost-effective hotel. If you are planning to travel alone with low budget in Tokyo, it could be a good option.

“9 Hours Otemachi-Imperial Palace, Tokyo, Japan”

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