“Tsubame Grill”, Hamburger Steak House in Shinagawa

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“Tsubame Grill”, Hamburger Steak House in Shinagawa, Tokyo

This is the first place to get when I visit Tokyo Central from Narita Airport on this trip. It took about 70 minutes to get Shinagawa Station from Narita Airport by “JR Airport Narita”.

For the ways to get to the central of Tokyo from Narita Airport, you can find the article here: How to Get to Tokyo Central from Narita Airport

“Tsubama Grill, A Japanese-Style Western Restaurant since 1930”

Tsubame Grill is a Japanse style Western Restaurant opened in 1930 and continues to open until now. Thus, you can find the “Since 1930” sign outside of the building. However, the interesting fact is that on the sign it is written in “Ginza” while it is located in Shinagawa.

Thus, when you look at the sign, you might think that the main restaurant is in Ginza and this one is a branch of it. However, actually, it is the main restaurant not the branch.

It is just written in “Ginza” since when they open “Tsubame Grill”, they located in Shinbashi, thus they named it “Ginza” Now, it became big franchise with 23 stores in Tokyo. And still this store is the main.

“The name Tsubame is derived from the name of the Express Train that stopped at Shinbashi Station”

The restaurant’s name “Tsubame” came from the Express train “Tsubame” that used to stop at Shinbashi Station. Now, the line has been disappeared. But, still they are using the name “Tsubame”

“Three Storied Japanese-Western Restaurant”

Since it is the main restaurant of “Tusbame Grill”, it uses whole 3 storied building. The main menu of the this restaurant is “Hamburger Steak”.

I ordered the basic version of the “Hamburger Steak”, which is 1,320 yen. And added a bowl of rice for 200 yen. Thus, I have spent 1,520 yen for the meal.

Interestingly, the menu is wrapped in cooking foil. To eat, you have to cut the foil and open it. That was quite unique for me.

With the steak, small pieces of meat and vegetables such as potatoes were also offered next to the main steak. These things matches well with the main dish.

“Tsubame Grill, Shinagawa, Tokyo”

  • Address : 4 Chome-10-26 Takanawa, Minato City, Tokyo 108-0074 Japan
  • Website : https://www.tsubame-grill.co.jp/
  • Opening Hours : 11:30 – 22:00 (Sun – Thur)
  • Phone Number : +81334410121

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