Tokyo Airport “Narita or Haneda”?

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Tokyo Airport “Narita or Haneda”?

When you search for the tickets to travel to Tokyo, Japan, you can see two airports in Tokyo. If you don’t look at the location of the airport, you might think that both are in Tokyo. However, only Haneda Airport is in Tokyo prefecture. Narita Airport is in Chiba prefecture, which is quite far from central Tokyo.

When you check the location of the two airports, Haneda Airport always looks better than Narita Airport. However, Haneda Airport is a bit smaller than Narita Airport, so you only can find limited airline tickets to get there. On the other hand, Narita Airport is a big international airport, (Haneda is also international Airport though), thus, you can find more flights going to Narita Airport.

“Cheaper Flight Tickets to Narita”

Generally, because of the difference between two airports, Tickets to go to Narita Airport is generally a bit cheaper. However, the location from the central of Tokyo is closer to Haneda Airport.

Thus, I can summarise it like below:

  • Location : Haneda > Narita
  • General Ticket Price : Haneda < Narita

“What if you count the transportation cost from the Airport to Tokyo Central?”

However, here is one more thing you should think about. For Narita Airport, the distance from the Airport is far from Tokyo central, you need to spend more time to move, it takes about 60-90 minutes to get to the downtown of Tokyo. (The bullet trains takes about 55-60 minutes, Airport shuttle bus or Subway takes about 60-90 minuets.)

Plus, you should pay for the transportation. Naturally, you should pay more depends on the distance. Here is the list of general public transports you can use to go to Tokyo central from Narita Airport with price.

N’EX “Narita Express”
  1. JR Narita Express (N’Ex) (Bullet Train)
    • Price : 4,000 Yen (For Foreigners only, Passport required)
    • Travel Time : 55 Minutes to Tokyo Station, 80 Minutes to Shinjuku
    • Boarding Place : Terminal 1 “Narita Airport Station” or Terminal 2/3 “Airport Terminal 2 Station”
  2. JR Airport Narita (Subway)
    • Price : 1,317 Yen to Tokyo Station
    • Travel Time : 1 hour and 35 minutes to Tokyo Station
  3. Keisei Skyliner (Bullet Train)
    • Price : 2,470 Yen to Ueno Station (The Fastest Bullet train to get to Ueno, Nippori)
    • Travel Time : 45-55 minutes to Ueno
    • Boarding Place : Narita Airport – Airport Building 2 – Nippori – Ueno
  4. Airport Bus (Keisei Tokyo Shuttle, JR The Access Narita)
    • Price : 1,000 Yen
    • Two companies operate this service. (Keisei, JR)
    • Travel Time : 80-90 minutes to Tokyo Station
    • Boarding Place : Bus platform on the 1st Floor of Each Terminal
  5. Taxi
    • Price : 22,000 Yen (Exclude Expressway fare)
    • Boarding Place : In front of Gate 8, 9, 10 on the arrival floor of terminal 1 or In front of gates 28, 29, 30 on the arrival floor of Terminal 2

For the more information about the public transit from Narita Airport to Tokyo Central, you can move to this article: How to Get to Tokyo Central from Narita Airport

Except that, other public transits you can find, but these are the main public transits. While we need to pay a lot of money and time to get to Tokyo central from Narita Airport, Getting to Tokyo Central from Haneda Airport is quite simple. You just can take subway and takes about 30 minutes to get to Tokyo Station.

“In Conclusion, Haneda would be better, if the price gap is not that big.”

In Conclusion, Unless the price difference of the flight ticket’s gap is not that big, it would be better to choose a flight heading to Haneda Airport if you want to visit and stay mainly in the central part of Tokyo.

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