Tram, Hong Kong’s Exotic Public Transport.

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Tram, Hong Kong’s Exotic Public Transport.

Generally, Trams are considered the old transport, however, in Hong Kong, you still can find it. In Hong Kong, it opened in 1904 and still continues to be on operation. It is said to be the oldest urban railway in Asia.

“Where can I find the Tram in Hong Kong?”

However, trams are not in all areas of Hong Kong. You cannot find trams in the Kowloon Peninsula. You only can find the trams in Hong Kong island.

In general, the trams are on operation from west-to-east road that runs along the coastline. But also, there is a tram line that goes up to a place called “Happy Valley”

Simply, trams has 6 main routes like below:

  1. Western Market – Shau Kei Wan
  2. Happy Valley – Shau Kei Wan
  3. Shek Tong Tsui – North Point
  4. Shek Tong Tsui – Causeway Bay
  5. Kennedy Town – Happy Valley
  6. Kennedy Town – Shau Kei Wan

For the more detailed schedule, you can visit the HK Tramways Website by clicking the link here :

“Slow, but good atmosphere.”

An interesting fact about Trams in Hong Kong is that they are sharing the road with the other cars, so it looks so complicated however, it harmonised well with the other cars.

Trams in Hong Kong are very slow. If you want to move somewhere quickly, then using tram could be a bad idea. However, trams delivers a special atmosphere that you can feel like going back to the past. If you want to have that kind of feeling while you are on a travel, you should not miss this transit.

“How much should I pay for tram?”

The best advantages of using trams is the “Low Price”. To use Hong Kong trams, like using the ferries in Hong Kong, are quite affordable. It is only 2.6 HKD for adult. It is only about 0.4 in USD.

The fare is always fixed to 2.6 HKD for an adult, nothing to do with the distance. Even when you moved to one stop, still you have to pay 2.6 HKD, and when you moved to more than 20 stops, still the same price you should pay.

“How to use tram?”

Getting on the trams is the opposite of the getting on the bus in Hong Kong. Buses in Hong Kong, get on through the front door, and pay money or tag an Octopus card. And get off through the back door.

However, for trams, on the contrary, you should use back door to get on the tram. And get off through the front door to pay money and or tag your Octopus card before you get off. To get off from the tram, you should use the front door.

It might be a bit confusing at first. But you can easily get used to getting on and off the trams when you stay in Hong Kong. In the tram, you can feel the old atmosphere and do not miss the experience when you visit Hong Kong.

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