“Luxury Seoul Travel Spots” on the Map

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“Luxury Seoul Travel Spots” on the Map

YouTuber, Erik Conover visited Seoul, Korea. For the airline tickets, he was sponsored by Asiana Airlines. For 48 hours in Seoul, he visited here and there including the luxury services.

Here, we review the places he visited in the travel like below:

  1. Asiana Airlines “From New York to Seoul”
  2. Incheon International Airport.
  3. Gyeongwonjae in Incheon Songdo.
  4. Bukchon HanOk Village (Korean Traditional Village)
  5. Myeong Dong & Namdaemun Market (South Gate Market)
  6. Namdaemoon (South Gate)
  7. Pink Pool Cafe
  8. Greem Cafe (2D Cafe)
  9. Dog Cafe “구름 뜬 하늘(Gureum Ddeun Haneul)”
  10. Cafe & Bar Table A “Cat and Racoon Cafe”
  11. Peter Pabst “DDP Exhibition”
  12. DDP “LED Rose Garden”
  13. Paradise City

“Korea Traditional Han Ok Hotel, Gyeongwonjae”

Gyeongwonjae is Korean traditional Han Ok Hotel with 5 stars. It is located in Songdo in Incheon. Songdo is modernised new city built near Incheon Airport. Not only the traditional luxury hotel, in Songdo, you can see the big park in the centre of the city.

“Bukchon Han OK Village”

Bukchon Hanok Village is a Korean traditional village in Seoul with a long history located on the top of a hill between Gyeongbok Palace, Changdeok Palace and Jongmyo Royal Shrine. The traditional village is composed of many alleys, hanok and is preserved to show a 600-year-old urban environment.

“Myeong Dong & Namdaemun Market”

Myeong-dong is a shopping area packed with international fashion brands, luxury department stores and homegrown cosmetics shops. Casual eateries offer Korean dumplings and ginseng chicken soup, while street vendors sell Japanese and Thai snacks. Shows mixing folk music and drama are staged at Myeongdong Nanta Theatre. Nearby 19th-century Myeong-dong Cathedral features a Gothic-style bell tower.

Namdaemun Market is a large traditional market in Seoul, South Korea. The market is located next to Namdaemun, the “Great South Gate,” which was the main southern gate to the old city. It is the oldest and largest market in Korea.

In Myeong Dong and Namdaemun Market, you can find a lot of street food as the video shows. Don’t miss the various delicious street food there.

“Themed Cafes”

They visited many themed cafes, in Korea, specially the street in front of “Hong-Ik University” you can find a lot of themed cafes. Here, in the video, they visited dog and cat, racoon cafe. And also visited, Greem Cafe(그림 카페) also known as 2D Cafe.

“DDP Exhibitions”

In DongDaemun Design Plaza also known as DDP, you can find a lot of interesting “Exhibitions”. Here, in the video, they visited Peter Pabst’s Exhibition.

Also, outside of DDP, you can find “LED Rose Garden” which is good place to take a photo.

“Paradise City”

Lastly, The Paradise City was introduced in the video. Here you can visit the casino and luxury resort. It is right next to “Incheon International Airport”. You can easily get here from the Airport by free shuttle bus or free monorail.

Here, we reviewed all the placed introduced in the video. Don’t miss these places if you visit Seoul, Korea. And also, you can find the places on the map.

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